1. gobutpleasestay said: Are you really Neil Gaiman? I am feeling very suspicious.


    Ah, you’ve caught me. I am an international consortium of playboys, who have banded together to fight crime anonymously. “Neil Gaiman” is merely an identity we use when necessary to gain entry to underground lairs and casinos.

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    Autumn doodles

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    DC comics asks prospective artists to sexualize suicide

    In order to participate in DC’s latest talent search, you have to draw a female character committing suicide naked.

    I’m gonna assume I don’t have to explain what’s fucked up about this.

    But guys, they left an open submission form on their page! They claim they will personally review every submission!

    I see this as an opportunity to spam their box with a Hawkeye-Initiative style inversion of genders. Or just give them an angry letter. Whatever you want.

    I say we make this viral and shame them out of this talent search.

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    I’m done.


    No. Nonono.

    I’m reversing the gender later Hawkeye Initiative style and encouraging people to do the same. Also, suicide???? How fucking horrible.

    as a lifelong comic book fan since I was a kid, and a DC fan to boot, I find more and more reasons to dislike the company (as if New 52 wasn’t enough). disgusting.

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    Mega Venusaur, Mega Blastoise and Mega Charizard!

    The return of a classic Pokémon trio!



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    Eugene Robert Richee: Louise Brooks, 1928

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    Batman and The Question by Gabriel Hardman

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    Diana Roig » Oh Zee Aan

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